19 Kislev, Chag Hageulah | Holiday of Redemption

The 19th day of Kislev, known as Chag Hageulah, (Holiday of Redemption), was described by Rabbeinu, the Rasha”b, zy”a, as Rosh Hashanah L’Chassidus, (New Year of Chassidus). On this day, Rabbeinu Hakadosh the Baal Hatanya was released from prison in Czarist Russia.

Following vicious slander, the Rebbe was accused of treason against the crown and imprisoned in harsh conditions for 53 days. In his far-reaching wisdom, the Rebbe understood that this represented a prosecution in heaven against the Torah of Chassidus, and he thus perceived his release from prison as the great triumph of Chassidus over negative forces. Hence, the day of 19 Kislev is earmarked as a day of joy, spiritual elevation, and strengthening the Torah of Chassidus.  Referring to the celebration of the 19th day of Kislev, the Baal Hatanya pledged, “I will lead one who celebrates in my joy from a state of constraint to relief.”

Lubavitch chassidim around the world unite on this auspicious day of Chag Hageulah to repeat the story of the Rebbe’s incarceration and celebrate his liberation through inspired learning, singing, and collective growth in Chassidus and service of Hashem.

In Haditch, especially, 19 Kislev is an awesome day, marked by mass pilgrimages to the burial site of the Baal Hatanya and the arrival of hundreds of chassidim who converge from all corners of the world to pray at the Ohel of the Baal Hatanya, entreat for personal and collective salvation, and draw inspiration from his sacred teachings.

Prior to this special occasion, we at Kiryas Rabbeinu Hagadol engage in avid preparations, expanding available accommodations and services to absorb the mass influx of Yidden coming to entreat for mercy at the Ohel of the Baal Hatanya.  For days in advance, we toil round-the-clock preparing comfortable accommodations and delicious, hot meals which we offer free of charge to visitors.

To those who visit the tziyun on this holy day, we bestow the timeless Chassidic blessing: 
"לשנה טובה בלימוד החסידות ובדרכי החסידות תיכתבו ותחתמו" 
“May you be inscribed and stamped for a good year in learning Chassidus and the ways of Chassidus.”